Happy, Fulfilled Clients

Wow, Just wow! ON POINT!! I'm so thankful for the reading Cannelle gave me. 

Her delivery was healing, focusing, clarifying, grounding and confirming. Her interpretations have been instrumental in putting my life back on track and I am forever grateful. Cannelle, you will definitely be hearing from me more often  and I told all of my friends about you! You da BEST!!

Natasha Love

Cannelle could not have come into my life at a better time. She has helped me tremendously and more than she’ll ever know. I am beyond grateful to have met with her. She was spot on with so many things.. even about things I’ve never said out loud- to anyone. She really broke down my natal chart to where I can now use all of the information I have, as a tool to guide me during this huge transition in my life. I don’t know what I would have done without the knowledge she has blessed me with. 🙏🏻


I love astrology and use it often in my life as an inspirational guidance. Cannelle is not only gifted, but loves what she does, and is so easy to connect with. Cannelle’s reading was very uplifting, giving me a thorough understanding of my circumstances. I feel like she really understands me and what is going on in my chart. Afterwards, I was left with a deep sense of peace, comfort and potential.

Veronique F

Cannelle’s expertise and knowledge of her subject is vast and consistently accurate. It was so easy to talk to her and I instantly felt comforted by her positive nature! She has a true confidence in celestial objects and her reading with me exemplified the utmost professionalism. I would definitely recommend Among Stars for your astrology needs!

Charisse Collette

This was my first time getting my natal chart read and I was really excited and happy with my results. Cannelle, took her time to explain everything, she was very detailed and was so knowledgeable. I felt really comfortable opening up and felt she had a very soothing tone. She was very spot on about me and the transitions my life has been taking these past couple of years and what's to come. I hope and plan to continue my readings with her in the future. ;)

Jennifer S

I have been coming to Cannelle for readings and a better understanding of astrology for years. Astrology is something I have always been interested in but didn't fully understand. I value her teaching and it has made me appreciate knowledge so much more. She always takes the time to explain everything in simple terms I will comprehend. Her readings are always very clear and always provide insight into what is going on in my life and what is to come. I can't wait for my next reading!

Nola W.

Cannelle has been my unofficial life coach for years now. I tended to be more scientific minded, but but her vast knowledge of Astrology, natural intuition and compassion has opened up a new guidance path that has helped me cope with current life events, and also to prepare for what is to come. I am forever grateful for this! Her readings have truly helped me understand things about myself, and relationships dear to me. Her passion of Astrology combined with her drive and compassion is channeled through her readings and always leave me with a bit more clarity then I had before. I am always looking forward to what lies ahead in my next reading!

Caroline G.

I had an amazing reading with Cannelle! She is so intelligent and knows her astrology well. I’m an astrologer myself and she was still able to provide me with insight into my chart that I had never considered before. She was able to shed light on my current transits and having me dreaming about all the wonderful future transits I have coming! I left our session feeling very inspired.

Griffin K.

Today, I had my birth chart read to me by Cannelle. As soon as our cameras went on during our virtual exchange, I was comfortable which is rare for me! Not only was she extremely knowledgeable and informative, but she seemed so present which i really appreciated and didn’t expect because everyone’s (understandably) a little off/distracted these days. She seemed so content, it made me feel very welcome. I learned a lot during my reading. I feel enlightened, more ready for what’s to come and even more comfortable in my skin. I couldn’t help but think of all the people that would benefit from meeting with Cannelle and experiencing her awesome service. I have already referred people, ha! I genuinely enjoyed my time and kind of didn’t want it to end <3 She took her time and seemed like she really wanted me to know certain things that might help me. I freaking loved it. Thank you so much, Cannelle! Talk soon! 😌


Cannelle was absolutely amazing. She has such a calmness about her that makes you instantly feel unafraid to be vulnerable with her. My time with her was truly eye opening and gave me insight into my idiosyncrasies and allowed me to have a better understanding of why I am who I am and why/how I handle certain emotions, people and situations in my life. While she isn't a psychic, somehow she was still able to pick up on certain life events that had occurred in my life involving particular family members at very specific times that only I would know. She most definitely has mastered her craft! Cannelle is such a sweet sweet soul and I would highly recommend anyone to take some time out for themselves to meet with her for further insight into who you are why you do things the way that you do and how they tie into your zodiac!


After a rough couple of months (read: couple of years), I've been trying to understand what's happening beyond me. Cannelle helped me understand that with a super in depth and informative reading. I'm so grateful for the power to see things more clearly and am eager to continue regular readings with Cannelle.

Kelly R.

This was my first birth chart reading and Cannelle was AMAZING! The reading was super thorough, and she explained everything in detail for this newbie. The conversation was super eye-opening and enlightening as to how and and why I am the way I am, and made so much sense. Overall, would highly recommend :)


My reading with Cannelle was truly amazing! She was able to pick up things from my childhood that contribute to how I communicate today, helped me to get clarity on personal issues and made a few predictions that I am anxious to see come true! More than anything, Cannelle is very knowledgable and easy to talk to. She is very passionate about her craft and I can't wait to get another reading in 6 months. This is a must do!

Margaret K.

Cannelle is such a kind and knowledgeable reader! I’ve had chart readings before but have never felt so understood by an astrologist. Her insights were profound and heartfelt. Booking a reading with her is a great investment in yourself.

Kevi W.

My reading with Cannelle was exactly how I needed to start 2021! It was very thorough and detailed. She did a great job explaining what the universe has in store for me and even pointed out that some of our natal chart is ancestral -- something no one has ever told me before! It was really enlightening and refreshing and confirmed that I'm on the right path! I highly recommend booking your own!

Amber Love Bond

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