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Looking To The Stars

I discovered Astrology at a very young age and was immediately intrigued. I remember reading about my sun sign on a postcard with a correlating gemstone attached, in the back of a family friend’s poster shop and being overcome with a sense of awe and deep curiosity. As a Leo with an Aries ascendant, self-identity has always been an important concept to me, and that was the moment that my love affair with Astrology began. Little did I know at the time that it would become a lifelong passion and pursuit. 

My formal pursuit in Astrological studies began in 2014 at the Los Angeles Astrology School, where I studied under Astrologer and Counselor, Dr. Craig Martin. I have since completed my Certification in Advanced Astrology and have gone on to take classes through Kepler College, as well as various courses with Astrology University where I’ve been able to learn from great minds such as Steven Forrest, Kelly Surtees, Tony Howard, Jason Holley, Frank Clifford, Darby Costello, among others.

In my practice, I combine both Modern and Traditional techniques and use Astrology as a tool for deep understanding of the Self as well as the patterns and cycles of life. My aim is to help my clients tap into their innate gifts and challenges to evolve into a more whole and refined version of themselves. I believe that in fostering a deep understanding of Self, we have the ability to create a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

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